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Basics Of Income Tax

Basics Of Income Tax – For Beginners

You might be working on your first job Or you can be a small business owner or could be retired pensioner or a winners of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, income tax return filing is mandatory & puzzling for all you; no matter if it’s your first time or 20th?. If nitty-gritty of income tax and investments are not clear filling income tax is always confusing.

Don’t worry now! Vriddhi India is here to help you. Our aim at Vriddhi India is to simplify Income Taxes for you and make your financial lives easier. We will bring to you our blog series on Basics Of Income Tax for beginners, in which we have posted series of article informing about different legitimate tax saving options (which you were unaware off).

This series will not contain any boring definitions or lengthy beating the bush paragraph, it will only provide you with brute practical knowledge. And after reading this series completely we are sure that you will be able to fill your ITR (Income Tax Return) by yourself & save lot of tax.