Before I begin, I want to confess that I am an engineer.

Yes an un-interested engineer in the body of self driven & self dependent person. My actual journey begun after I started my job, where I realized that I am doing that stuff which I am not born to do.

After working for 5 years in a nicely paid job one day it struck me hard that neither I was content with this job, nor I able to save any money for my future ( forgot investing it), if I continue for few more years I will be doomed.

From that day I engrossed myself in learning those skills which can help me become a self dependent person (which I always want to be), a person who do not need 9 to 5 job for survival, a person for whom his money work, bla bla….

Moving forward, this is my second venture in finance field and sole idea behind this is to spread the knowledge while learning it. Vriddhi India a common blog which will provide you un-common knowledge about money, so that we all can achieve Our Financial Freedom.

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